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Monthly Guest Readers

November Readers

Every month Indigo Mystics has guest readers in the shop, each with their own gifts, focus, and talents. Currently, we have 2 regular guest readers. Here are their days:

Tony Whitman: Bone readings, soul prism reading, tarot & numerology
Bone readings $40
Soul Prism $25

In the shop Saturday, November 19th

Rose Wolf: Celtic Shaman, ancestral work, shadow work, tarot and oracle.
30min for $30
60min for $45

In the shop Friday November 11th & Saturday November 26th

November Guest Medium

Saturday November 5th
Noon to 6PM

Adam the Black Swamp Medium is a Psychic Medium, Remote Viewer, Paranormal Investigator, Radio Host, Healer and Musician. Adam has been connecting to the spiritual world since 2005. After taking classes, he continues to grow and expand his abilities to new places. He's always learning as well as trying new ways to communicate with spirit.

Adam is also a very active member of the Spirit World Paranormal Investigations team in South Eastern Michigan. Adam is the lead Medium and house cleanser for private investigations. He takes every case serious especially when children are involved. He's been featured on Paranormal Survivor Season 5 Episode 8 Bringing Ghosts In. Adam's greatest joys are helping those wishing to connect to there loved ones as well as performing the soothing sounds of the Native American Flute.


15 minutes = 30
20 minutes = 35
30 minutes = $50
1 hour = $100

Jennifer Featherston