Reiki by Jenny


Meet the Practitioner

Jennifer Featherston, Usui & Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher

Hello and welcome! My name is Jenny Featherston and I am the Reiki master practitioner & teacher with the Indigo Mystics Spiritual Wellness shop in Bowling Green, Ohio. I have been helping clients heal with Reiki for 4 years in a professional setting. I am an attuned Usui Reiki Master and Holy Fire Reiki Master and I use both healing modalities in my sessions. Some of my other interests are crystal healing, sound healing, astrology, tarot, aromatherapy, and creating herbal and aromatherapy remedies and potions for healing, magic and boosting self-confidence.

I love being a Reiki practitioner and helping clients heal on both an emotional and physical level. I offer singing bowls sessions along with my regular Reiki sessions ~ sound healing and Reiki fit together like a glove as they both work to heal with energy and vibration.

Come visit us and experience the good vibes! 

Hope to see you soon! Namaste 💖

Jennifer Featherston